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Sprachkurse für Kinder & Jugendlicher
polyglot KIDS - Logo
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Welcome to Polyglot Pro

Polyglot Pro is a language school for businesses, young professionals, and teens based in the heart of Düsseldorf. We offer clients language lessons in over 14 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. Led by Peter McKeever and embracing an immersive communicative learning approach, students learn not only how to use language, but how to do so with confidence.

What we offer

Expert Instructors

With our team of experts and professionals, we guarantee the best lessons and courses

Communicative Learning Methods

Courses are tailored to learner interests and needs. Workbooks are left for homework. Participants time in the classroom maximizes spoken interaction time to maximize learning of grammar, vocabulary, and key skills to live and work in a second language

Modern Learning Materials

Up to date materials and tools whether you are learning in person, or online (coming soon).

Polyglot Pro is a way to bring our teaching methodology and philosophy to businesses, professionals, and students

Working with a fully immersive programm, we utilize a full communicative approach, leaving the textbook for homework. The founders and our team strongly feel that language is a mode of expression and the key component of communication. All of our trainers focus lessons around promoting the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and tie it together with a practical, functional aspect which our students can use from day one.

That may be visiting the doctor, ordering in a restaurant, making business phone calls, or chairing a meeting for an international corporation.

Working strictly with native speakers, our clients are encouraged to push the boundaries and build confidence in their skills, while being provided with detailed feedback on their progress along the way.

Our courses

Sommerferiencamp 2021 Anmeldeformular

In den Sommerferien 2021 werden wir unsere beliebten Feriencamps für Bambini (4-7 Jahre), Kids(8-12 Jahre) und Teens (13-17 Jahre) anbieten.

Vom 05.07. bis zum 13.08.2021 (6 Wochen) zwischen 9:00 und 13:30 Uhr werden unsere Trainer (qualifizierte Muttersprachler) euch Fit machen in Themen wie z. B.

- Grammatik

- freies Sprechen

- Hörverstehen

- Aussprache

- schriftlicher Ausdruck 

- Leseverstehen

- Vocabulary

- Prüfungstraining

Es sind auch wieder Upgrades wie z. B. Coding (Programmieren) bis 16:00 Uhr möglich, sowie individueller Einzelunterricht in diversen Fremdsprachen.

Es gilt natürlich auch dieses Jahr wieder: 10 % Rabatt für Geschwisterkinder

Code+English Anmeldeformular Sommercamp 2021

Englisch Workshops 2021 mit Sophie (London)

Wir bieten Samstags-Workshops in englischer Sprache für Kinder im Alter von 10-12 Jahren an. Die Kinder erleben die Sprache anhand von spannenden, kreativen, lustigen oder authentischen Themen. 

Die Kurse finden immer am Samstag von 10:30 bis 12:00 Uhr* in Kleingruppen statt.

Unser Angebot für Sie: 

1 Workshop = 20,00 EUR

2 Workshops = 35,00 EUR

3 Workshops = 50,00 EUR

Bei Fragen können Sie uns gerne jederzeit kontaktieren.


*Achtung: Die Workshops finden aufgrund der Corona-Situation online statt

creative Workshops with Sophie English Workshops Juni 2021

Best for Private Learners

Polyglot Pro offers group and 1-1 lessons at our Kronprinzenstraße location. Courses are run using a full communicative approach. Participants are guided through grammar,key vocabulary, and functional language geared towards communicating effectively and confidently. We currently offer courses for over 15 languages - including coding/programming courses

Learn Anywhere (Coming Soon)

Polyglot Pro will launch a range of online courses for participants all over the world. Learn languages, key business skills, programming, and more, in your own time and at your own pace. Participants will have access to videos, pdfs, exercises, and join a budding community of enthusiastic learners and trainers.

Best for Companies

Polyglot Pro is the choice for companies looking to improve practical business language skills. Participants improve grammar, learn key vocabulary and functional language through daily work themes and situations

Weitere Vorteile:
  • Kostenlose Probestunde
  • Unterricht durch Muttersprachler
  • 14 verschiedene Sprachen
  • Coding auf Englisch für Kids ab 10 Jahren
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