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Business Kurse

Sie haben einen neuen Job im Ausland und benötigen spezielle Fremdsprachenkenntnisse, planen auszuwandern? Wir bieten Kurse z.B. mit speziellem Business Englisch aber auch in anderen Sprachen. Angepaßt an den jeweiligen Kenntnisstand bieten wir hier individuelle Einzelcoachings oder auch Gruppencoachings an. In unserer Sprachschule, vor Ort, im Büro oder auch per Skype.

What are Company Courses?

Company classes are a range of teaching options we offer to businesses. We send trainers to your offices to instruct you and your staff in small groups in various areas of communication. We offer language classes for general and business purposes, as well as specialised language classes such as:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Technical
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & PR
  • Legal
  • and more on request

How are Company Courses Delivered?

Companies can choose from regular weekly/bi-weekly training sessions, intensive workshops, and seminars for both groups and private 1-1 tuition. Group classes are focused on developing practical, functional skills using employees daily tasks and responsibilities while building their knowledge and confidence through integrated grammar and role play exercises. Participants are also provided with course books to further develop grammatical knowledge and consolidate topics and vocabulary covered in training sessions.

Why Polyglot Pro?

Polyglot Pro was founded by a group of language trainers with the goal of delivering cost-efficient and effective language learning to everyone. Through a blend of immersive functional activities with a strong grammatical foundation, we get our clients using their target language from the first training session. We are a dynamic team with years of experience in delivering language education to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-national corporations.

Business Englisch B1+ (8,50€ / hr)

1 X 90 Min. pro Woche -> Termine

Weitere Vorteile:
  • Kostenlose Probestunde
  • Unterricht durch Muttersprachler
  • 14 verschiedene Sprachen
  • Coding auf englisch für Kids ab 10 Jahren